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Cook Islands: The Ultimate Travel Guide

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My wife and I booked our honeymoon for 13 days in the Cook Islands, and it was such a fun and relaxing experience. Located about 2,000 miles off of the coast of New Zealand, this is a popular travelers destination for both Australians and New Zealanders. Here’s everything you need to know about booking your […]

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DoC Exclusive – Join Topcashback & Get A $25 Sign Up Bonus – Highest Ever

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The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Sign up for a new Topcashback account and receive a bonus of $25 when you earn a minimum of $10 on Topcashback

The Fine Print

  • Valid until  August 6th 23:59 PST.
  • The use of TopCashback.com is still bound by the standard Terms and Conditions and existing Tell-A-Friend Terms & Conditions.
  • We reserve the right to void your eligibility for the Double Tell-A-Friend sign up bonus if we believe you are not a genuine, new TopCashback member.
  • Upon joining TopCashback.com in this time period via a referral link, you will be eligible for $25 cash back being added to your account.
  • Once you have reached the $10 minimum payable cash back threshold for Tell-A-Friend members, the new member will be able to request their signup bonus via the usual payment page, within the account section of the TopCashback site.
  • Your $25 sign-up credit will only be available to withdraw once you have earned a minimum of $10 in payable cash back.
  • There is no cut-off period by which you must earn the $10 payable cash back to ‘release’ your $25 sign up credit.
  • If you join TopCashback from a referral/Tell-A-Friend link during this promotional period, your $25 sign-up credit will not count towards the $10 threshold you need to reach before yours or your friend’s Tell-A-Friend bonus will become Payable.

Our Verdict

Topcashback runs this offer with us semi regularly, this is the highest sign up bonus they have offered. Previous best was $20 and that was also only available to our readers, normal bonus is $10 or nothing. The reason the bonus is higher than normal is that we don’t receive anything if you sign up for this offer, instead we’ve passed the full $25 to our readers. We always try to do these types of deals with companies, but very few show any interest. One of the reasons I love Topcashback is they have the same mindset as we do, they give users 100% of a store’s commission back as cash back. They make money through separate advertising banners  ‘our list stores’ among other ways. I find that Topcashback rates are consistently better than other shopping portals and it’s the portal I use the most often.

In addition when you cash out you can also get bonuses if you cash out for something other than cash:

  • Amazon Gift Card (3% bonus)
  • American Express® Reward Card (3% bonus)
  • Gap eGiftCard (5% bonus)
  • Nike eGiftcard (5%)
  • Hotels.com eGiftcard (5%)
  • Petco eGiftcard (5%)

If you want to see more brands & websites offer our readers increased bonuses like this then there are two things you can do:

  • Sign up if you don’t have have an account
  • Share this with others

You can view our full review of Topcashback by clicking here. I know some readers have had issues in the past, keep in mind money earned from Topcashback doesn’t become payable until they receive the money from the merchant so the wait times can be longer than other sites. I think the increased cashback rates are worth the wait times, but YMMV. As always make sure you follow our tips to ensure portals track correctly. If you have any unresolved issues with TCB then submit a support request here. They will also be in the comments section answering any questions readers might have.

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A Sneak Peek Inside Corey Kluber’s Off-Season Training at Cressey Sports Performance

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Earlier this week, a crew from MLB.com visited Cressey Sports Performance in Massachusetts for a feature on former Cy Young winner Corey Kluber's offseason training.


Today, the article ran at MLB.com; check it out:

Indians Corey Kluber Training Hard for 2017

Some of the topics covered included:

  • Weighted ball training
  • How we've modified Corey's off-season after his big workload in the 2016 regular season and post-season
  • Transitioning from "rested" to "ready" each off-season
  • "Money-maker" exercises

Again, you can check it out HERE.

Have a great weekend!

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